RABBI DOVID FRIEDMAN (1828-1917) - Chief Rabbi of Karlin

Rabbi Dovid Friedman was born in 1828 in the Polish city of Biala. In his early youth he was already acclaimed as a child prodigy who was proficient in Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi, the Shulchan Aruch, and all the commentaries. Great Torah scholars such as Rabbi Shloma Eiger and other giants of learning loved conversing with this young genius. In his youth he studied under Rabbi Zalman Rivlin of Shklov and later on married his daughter.

In 1866 Rabbi Friedman was invited to the prestigious position of Chief Rabbi of the Lithuanian city of Karlin. Rabbi Friedman held this position until his death fifty years later.

Rabbi Dovid Friedman was revered by all the Jewish leaders of his generation. He authored famous works such as "Sheilas Dovid" and "Yad Dovid", which are masterpieces of Talmudic genius and are studied by Torah scholars and Rabbinical heads the world over.

Rabbi Dovid Friedman corresponded copiously with Rabbi Shmuel Salant in matters pertaining to the Jewish settlement in Jerusalem in general and the Rabbi Meir Baal Haneis Salant charity fund in particular.

May the memory of Rabbi Dovid Friedman be a blessing.