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Shabbos is a holy day and everyone should look forward to it with anticipation. It is terribly difficult for poor families to enjoy Shabbos when there is nothing to eat. Therefore, each and every week, RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS delivers entire Shabbos meals throughout Israel which include Challos, fish, meat, wine, fruits & vegetables, soda, cake, plastic and paper utensils, and a host of other items. Shabbos is miraculously transformed into a genuine day of rest & enjoyment.

A RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS pre-holiday voucher for a new dress, suit, hat, pair of shoes, or a few shirts, will put a family in the proper Holiday spirit. Children look forward with great anticipation to a RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS Holiday gift.

A poor destitute bride can walk to her Chupah with a glad heart, knowing that RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS has already delivered to her new dwelling a supply of blankets, sheets, pillows, towels, dishes, cutlery, toiletries, and many other essential household items with which to begin married life. A truly wonderful way to gladden the hearts of a new couple embarking on the building of a new home!

wedding fund
When a young orphaned bride or groom is engaged to marry and there is no one to make the wedding, RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS becomes the surrogate parents and expends every effort to help make all the necessary arrangements.

free loan fund
RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS maintains specially earmarked accounts for families who need short term loans to pull through. When an individual or a family needs to relocate to a different apartment, pay for a surgery, make a wedding, or any other vital major expenditure, RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS is there for them to help them bridge the gap.


RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS arranges and co-ordinates a group of several hundred teenage boys and girls to partner with elderly people in long-term nursing or residential homes. Friendships are created and nurtured, giving pleasure and joy to the aged, the forsaken, and the forlorn.

Ever since the “Intifada” engulfed Israel, RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS has been flooded with requests from families of terror victims for all types of assistance. RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS realizes the enormity of the situation, and galvanizeds all it’s resources to rise to the challenge of the time. To date, over three thousand families have already been helped by the special Victims of Terror program.

There is a constant flow of families and individuals from around the world who come to Israel to settle. Most of these require assistance and guidance in regard to housing, education, religious services, language barriers, and many other social and financial issues. RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS works with these families to ease their transition to integrate into their new environment and feel at home as soon as possible.

Passover is by far the most expensive Jewish holiday. The anxiety over purchasing Passover food is real and palpable. RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS distributes Passover products at fourteen different pick-up sites throughout Israel. The list of food products and non-perishable goods, provided for the entire Passover holiday, is almost endless. Passover becomes what it was meant to be - a time of immense delight and celebration - not utter dread.

First priority is given to widows and orphans who have no where to go and no one to turn to. Every imaginable assistance, including food, clothing, rent, heating, and school tuition, is offered by RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS to ease their difficult lives. Last year RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS provided for 521 widows and 1723 orphans.


RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS is on call when a sudden illness, a disastrous car accident, or other medical emergency occurs which requires help for paying for a surgery, the purchase of medical equipment, or a complicated trip to a hospital abroad.

housing assistance
Families, who due to extraordinary circumstances have suddenly become utterly destitute and fall behind in their rent payments, are wholly or partially subsidized by RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS. Last year over four hundred families received rent subsidies.

respite care aid
RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS awards special families with a paid vacation, in good times and otherwise, to enable them to recuperate. Be it a happy occasion such as the birth of a child, or a traumatic experience such as an accident, RABBI MEIR BAAL HANEIS will see to it that the patient goes home stronger and healthier than ever before.